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Minimize logistic costs and CO2 output with waste treatment at source.

Using the latest technology in our maritime and waste treatment at source solutions.

Research and development are top priority to always be ahead of the game.

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Nawegaon Bandh (Dam)

Celebrating Dr. Salim Ali Day on 12th Nov. 2018, at Nawegaon Bandh (Ranji Cha Tok). We track from Nawegaon Bandh Dam to Ranji Cha Tok. In this occassion Shri Uttam Sawant (DFO NNTR), Ku.Priya Maheshkar (ACF Nawegaon), Shri Vijay Dhande (RFO Nawegaon), Shri Manish Rajankar (NGO), Shri Bhimrao Lade (NGI), from Hirwal Society Shri Rupesh Nimbarte, Shri Chatrapal Shahare, Smt. Jayashri Nimbarte & staff of NNTR was present.

In this occasion we descussed on Nawegaon Lake & bird habitate development in NNTR Landscape..